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Cheryl Keely

Children's Author

A Book of Bridges:  From Here To There and Me To You 

Debut picture now out

from Sleeping Bear Press

Not writing has never been an option for me. Even if there's no pen and paper to be found, my brain is always churning stories.  I have found it's more fun to share them.

I became a journalist because I never wanted to stop learning.  But I also like playing -- digging in the dirt, running agility with my dog, blowing bubbles and making messes in the kitchen. Writing picture books is the best of both worlds. I can combine my love of learning and love of play. Never stop learning. Never stop playing.

When not writing, I volunteer with my dog Dagaz as a pet ambassador team with WAGS (Wonderful Animals Giving Support), a local pet therapy organization. One of our favorite visits is to a local elementary school where the children take turns reading to the dogs. We are always learning new tricks to do on our visits. Dagaz is even learning to read -- although she is what could be called a reluctant reader. She much prefers to spin, wave, and bow.

I am a member of SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). My debut picture book, From Here to There and Me To You, was released by Sleeping Bear Press in February 2017. 

I love traveling wherever bridges may take me, but also enjoy returning to my home in Louisville, Ky., just as much. I reside there with my husband, a dog, a cat and a fish I'm training to do tricks.

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